Dear Customers,

 We have two locations (CA & AZ). Both locations are for wholesale customers only. If you do not have the proper permits, we can not give you access to the site. We are open by Appointment Only ($300 minimum at both locations to shop in person and $100 minimum to order online)If you have any questions regarding your account, or how to set up an account or to schedule an appointment, please contact us via the contact page and someone will get back to you Monday through Thursday! 



April 7th through April 24th 

JTI AZ Warehouse (La Fuente) is open for appointments! If you are in town for the show, give our Tucson location a call: 520-777-3045 to make an appointment to shop! 


Note: JTI is not at the GoldRoom - but again La Fuente is available for appointments!